SONT inter-bank bowling tournament 2016








1位/BNPパリバ2 組(1,060点) 2位/BNPパリバ1組(1,022点) 3位/バークレイズ1組(997点)


参加者キング/Mr. Malik-Lacko (BNPパリバ) 328点 アスリートキング/安村朝英さん 357点

参加者クイーン/Mis.Nozaki(BNPパリバ) 252点 アスリートクイーン/山崎智世さん264点


SON-Tokyo inter-bank bowling tournament 2016

 --- Bowling tournament amongst teams from 7 global financial institutions


  Inter-bank bowling tournament is held every year as a regular annual event.  This year the tournament was held at Takadanobaba Grand Bowl on the evening of Friday, September 2nd.

  There were 26 teams with 78 players from 7 businesses, accompanying one Special Olympics Nippon Tokyo(SON-Tokyo)athlete on each team.  They competed for the total score of all bowlers on the team.

  As always, we asked in advance for the average scores of all the teams and SON-Tokyo athletes were assigned accordingly to make the team score levels even. We try each year to maintain a balanced level amongst teams.

The first place was BNP Paribas #2 scoring an impressive 1,060 points. The teams finishing first, second and third received gold, silver, and bronze medals respectively.  The highest scored individuals were honored as King (men) and Queen (women) among both athletes and corporate players.

  The competition was held on the evening of a weekday, which made it difficult to come for those athletes who work or go to school.  But all those athletes who made it had a very good time interacting with those from businesses who support SON-Tokyo.  Also the bowlers from businesses had a good opportunity to communicate and play with athletes through bowling games.

Institutions participated

  Barclays, BNP Paribas, Citi, Deutsche Bank Group, J.P. Morgan, UBS Group, Wells Fargo (by alphabetical order)

Top teams

  1st: BNP Paribas #2 (1,060 pts) / 2nd: BNP Paribas #1 (1,022 pts) / 3rd: Barclays #1 (997 pts)

Top individuals

  King: Mr. Malik-Lacko – BNP Paribas (328 pts) / Athlete King: Mr. Tomohide Yasumura (357 pts)

  Queen: Ms. Nozaki – BNP Paribas (252 pts) / Athlete Queen: Ms. Tomoyo Yamazaki (264 pts)


  • ENJOY !
    ENJOY !
  • STRIKE !  High Five
    STRIKE ! High Five
  • Kings & Queens
    Kings & Queens
  • 金:BNPパリバ2組
  • 銀:BNPパリバ1組
  • 銅:バークレイズ1組